Ardh-Narishwar/ Shiva and Sakthi as one, like the sun and moon within all of us.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

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Spiritual Sensuality

Spiritual Sensuality. Tantra

We guarantee that you will walk away a new person, ready to give and receive LOVE

Stimulation of your Erotic Desire
Explore all matters sexual, from setting the mood to explicit introduction on technique of Love, sexuality and sensuality.

Dance with the Elements: Tantra will help balance the five elements and the five sheaths of consciousness. This will help in cleansing, clearing and harmonizing all the chakras and organs. It helps strengthen one's emotion, thus experiencing love in GENTLENESS

Click here for more on Elements

At the workshop you will learn to balance the second physic center (genitals), the third center (navel) and the fifth center the throat. Once cleared, one can utilize sexual energy for attaining higher level of consciousness, thus being able to love in Gentleness

Sound healing: Each center is influenced by different sounds. Sound can dispel illness, balance the emotion and relieve stress. ParaTan process will free your from depression, anxiety, sexual blocks, self-esteem, issues of grief and anger, and all physical illnesses, manifested or yet to manifest.

Every morning at every workshop, One will start the day with healing sounds meditation.

Inner Smile: The workshop will help you invoke your inner smile thus helping you to live in harmony with yourself and others, it is a smile of happiness and joy.

Come and explore all the sciences that Tantra can offer the will help you to live in oneness with the energy of the Universe . When successfully learnt, One will enjoy the natural virtues of kindness, honor, righteousness, self respect and to love in gentleness

Come, let us together explore the following:-

Stimulation of Erotic Desire

Harmonious Relationship

Remove imprint of old lovers and energy of pain from Yoni,

Tantric Mantra Meditation help to balance the internal energy

Spiritual connection with God - Goddess within will intensify:
Intensifies orgasm
Stimulates feminine libido
Enhances sexual pleasure

Let us together explore Spiritual Sensuality through the knowledge of Tantra and Kama Sutra, thus bring allowed to experience a harmonious relationship with OURSELVES & our partner.

The Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition  Shri Param Eswaran reveals knowledge, which has been hidden for 1000s of years, to YOU

We guarantee that you will walk away a new person, ready to give and receive LOVE

As we do not host workshops, you will have to facilitate the workshop in your local area. Our Master Shri Param Eswaran has made himself available to travel where ever for the next 2 years, after which all workshop will only be available at our center either in Malaysia or in India.

Contact us should you want to explore spiritual sexuality, and we will get in touch with you

ParaTan Sound Healing offer all and easy yet powerful emotional freedom techniques using the frequency of once own vocal overtone to either heal oneself or once love one. ParaTan offers you a remarkable new potential for healing both emotional trauma and physical symptoms. It fosters a vibrant connection between mind, body and spirit, and contributes to peak physical vitality.

As sound and vibration, give birth to form. Our physical body is formed by the vibration of sound, when our sound is disturbed by emotional trauma, then we stop functioning at our peak physical vitality, allowing our body to be sick.

ParaTan Sound allows you to connect with you inner sacred space deep within.

Learn how to use Bija Mantras of the Goddesses, Gods and the planets to heal. Listen to the sounds using your ear phone and see what it does for you.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during ParaTan sound healing. An Inner Sakthi Yoga practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

The Mahavidya Inner Health Center
21 Jalan Dato Kelana Ma'Amor  (Lake Garden area)
Seremban NS 70200

Email for Information
0060 016 9077825
0060 0146375067

Mother Center
Mahavidya Temple
 1/244 Killankulam village,
Periayur Taluk, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu,  India 625703

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ParaTan Center Malaysia -Mahavidya Inner Heath

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.

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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the ParaTan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantrism, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube




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