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Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

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Heaven on earth is not a physical place but a home that gives us a peace of mind.

What matters most is feeling comfortable within oneself at home, in the company of a Soul Mate. There is definitely a time in your life where you’re not going to be embraced by your life your career, you style, nor friend, and that’s an interesting thing to think about now and not when you are in the fifties. “ Okay, well gosh, if this isn’t going to last forever but its all I’ve gone, what now?”

The number of single people is increasing in most Western society, due to the expatiation of both men and women. At the same time today’s society does not cater to their needs.

There are many introduction agencies popping up everywhere who provide services that are inadequate. Going to one of these agencies is like going to the pub looking for a Soul Mate.

Marriages are made in Heaven, and unless one knows the language of heaven, one could not advice a potential single that another is their suitable Soul Mate.

The number of lone person households across the western countries is expected to increase. In Australia it is about 1.8 million in 2005 census and could be as high as 2.2 million by 2006, according to the Australian Bureau of statistics. The number of families this year in projected to be 5.4 million, increasing to 5.8 million in 2006. This is out of 20 million people, what would one think it will be like in the US or other industrial countries.

Loneness has driven some women aged up in their 80s – use men escort service for both sex and intimacy. In Tantra we use desire to our come desire. Most westerner live an isolated life, with the lack of physical contact from young, enjoys touch but do not know how to give or receive touch and love. Their needs overpower the willingness to give without first receiving. Hopping to find happiness from the other.

Some go providing without sharing intimacy, this greatly among men. thus their partners learn to receive without the need to give. Once both parties wake up to it they either divorce peacefully or end up in violence and then divorce. 

Nearly one-third of American women (31 percent) report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to a 1998 Commonwealth Fund survey. Thirty percent of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year… 

There are nearly three times as many animal shelters in the United States as there are shelters for battered women and their children. (Senate Judiciary Hearings, Violence Against Women Act, 1990) 

Women of all cultures, races, occupations, income levels, and ages are battered - by husbands, boyfriends, lovers and partners. (Surgeon General Antonia Novello, as quoted in Domestic Violence: Battered Women, publication of the Reference Department of the Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA)  

"Approximately one-third of the men counseled (for battering) at Emerge are professional men who are well respected in their jobs and their communities. these have included doctors, psychologists, lawyers, ministers, and business executives. (For Shelter and Beyond, Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women Service Groups, Boston, MA 1990) 

Let together change the way life journey is taking us too. Let us learn to touch and be touched.

The desire to touch another human being can become an overpowering obsession. People talk of loneliness, sexual frustration and the “shame” of being single”. In a society dominated by structures, which support couples, people find many different ways to cope with their “ SKIN HUNGER” 

Are you getting enough? The human desire for touch! 

It’s no accident that sex is such a big deal. From the well-depicted frolicking of the ancient Roman, to the graphically illustrated Kama Sutra, women and men have enjoyed each other physicality in ways only bounded by the limits of the imagination 

Despite social mores have evolved to accommodate these desires. Some have involved multiple partners, others have had strict moral codes involving marriage, but where affairs (for men) are tolerated nonetheless. 

The common thread is the physical need for the touch of another person. 

Increasingly, intimacy and touch are being considered an essential human need, up there with housing and food, although because of its social and moral baggage, open discussed much less frequently 

English psychiatrist, John Bowlby, believed we are very social beings and that social contact is more important to babies than food. 

It’s part of a basic human need -- we get a sense of our physicality when we touch, “says Psychologist and psychotherapist Kim Hopson. 

Hopsan says this basic need doesn’t stop we reach adulthood. “Just as we have a need to be stimulated intellectually and behaviorally, we also need to be touched,” she says 

Men go to professional women to have their needs met, married or single, and very small group of women do seek professional service. 

Some people deal with their issues in different ways but one of the best is method to fulfill s need for touch is massage. For those who want to experience bliss in One's married life should learn to massage so that one learns to touch and be touched. It is also important for couples to shower or have a bath together, during which they could experience the delight of being oiled, which indeed means touching and being touched. This experience creates greater bond between couples. The comfort of one human being nurturing and caressing and caring for another can be very useful. 

Some women use sex aids, others remain abstinent for years and a few experience sexuality with a good male partner. 

Some people turn to friends for sexual fulfillment and intimacy, and this can be a mistake. It’s often a matter of walking a fine line, between wanting to have sex and not wanting to have it without intimacy. 

You can’t expect intimacy and casual sex at the same time, this just don’t go together. The most important part of sex and intimacy is the energy exchange, this does not happen without emotional and spiritual connection. 

All of this has created lots of damage internally that we do not notice. Out Master has worked with a whole range of people, from yoga teacher to sports person, form actress, actors to models, and in his finding most of their internal self is out of balance. This imbalance could be read by observing the navel. 

The average person in the street of Los Angeles or any major western city and westernized Asian cities around the world under goes a lot stress and emotion strain which contributes to the navel being pulled or pushed. The navel can be divided into eight directions, three towards the upper organs, three towards the organs below and two towards the kidneys and intestines. From the navel one can determine what imbalances are in the body. Any pull or push of the navel distorts the body's center, both superficially and deep, and involves more then one organ. When the navel is off center then the physical body is also off center, thus creating emotional imbalance like fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worry. Under this conditions the Male and Female within will also be imbalance, creating separation rather then unity. Look at you naval today and see what it looks like.

The navel should be round, centered look like a funnel. It should be firm and springy, not to hard and tight or to soft and weak. It should not be flat.

Tantric Massage uses your sexual energy to rejuvenate your internal energy and free the organs of blocked emotions from past and present life. It also helps to rejuvenate all the sense organs. Tantric Master Shri Param Eswaran now reveals knowledge, which has been hidden for 1000s of years, to YOU.  

You need to become really vital and active in your in your own life. You really need to be interested in the world, be part of a community life, take up social and community interests so that you can develop a certain vitality which is attractive and appealing and you will have much more chance of attracting interesting people into your life. 

Meet a Soul Mate does not change everything in ones life, one has to be prepared for one’s Soul Mate, failing which one could easily loose the golden opportunity for happiness. 

Navel: The navel is the centre of your physical universe. When the navel is off-centre, so is the physical body creating an imbalance in the emotions, energy system and organs. The navel is very good means of determining imbalances in the body. Any pull in a particular direction reveals the effects on the body’s Centre and organs that are situated in the direction of the pull, both superficially and deep. The navel is similar to a funnel. It should be round, centered and symmetrical, firm and springy, not hard or tight, nor soft and weak.

You will also learn how to balance your organs, which are an essence of the Stellar and planetary energy. You will learn how to draw upon the energy of the heavens and earth.

You will also explore you sexuality and sensuality. Learn how to relate to yourself and your partner. One of the most powerful healer is LOVE in GENTLENESS.

In to day social of stress and social misunderstand between the feminine and masculine we find that it is important to learn to communicate both mentally and physically. Massage and various form of communication methods has to be relearned. In to days society due to social and religion limitation we forget why we came to this Universe and as such we have to relearn all the we have forgotten from previous lives. It is time that we reclaim this knowledge by practicing to reconnect again with ourselves and our loved ones. The first point to start is to release all the blockages in the Navel.

On the top you will find all the unhealthy navels. I searched for the photos from a cross section of persons ranging from actress, health fitness, models and your one healthy person. On the surface they all look healthy until you look at the face careful or their eye in particular, you will then recognize that all of them are living under lots of emotional stress.

Human from both sexes develop energy blockages in their internal organs that result in their navel energy being blocked thus resulting in knots and tangles in their abdomen.

This obstruction occurs in the main part of the body's vital function and constrict the flow of energy.

This damage is mainly cost by fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worry. This is the main weakness of modern Westernized progressive society where the need and want are more important then life itself.

This damages can also be caused by
1. eating on the run

2. having stressful discussion over meals.

3. eating when the one is under lots of stress

4. drugs, toxic food and surgery.

5. overwork, stress and bad posture.

Ask yourself . ."What am I doing to move forward towards my dream?" Are you Stumped? Ask. . . "What is stopping you?" (mentally, physically, spiritually) Once you get the answers to the above questions, you are on the path to connect with your SoulMate and being with her/him. This workshop will guarantee you the knowledge , but you have to put to use. Remember your passion - passion creates energy, creativity, enthusiasm, inspiration

Fear, Stress, Guilt, and Anxiety, Low self-esteem. We then become affected by "conditioning". To gain control, we must connect with ourselves. You will have to predetermining what you want your life to be" There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that circumvent, or hinder, or control, the firm resolve of a determined soul."

What do you love? What is your passion? What motivates you?

You can change your live by changing your attitudes and perceptions. How do you perceive life? What is your highest priority? What are you more committed to - Your Dream OR Reality, as to where you are right now? If Reality, than you will have to learn to connect with the two most important things in you life. YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER

"If you get a Guru who will punish you for your wrongs, you are the luckiest man, because he takes upon himself the responsibility of improving and making you a dynamic personality by eradicating all your vices. Take it as a special grace of the Lord. If you get a kind and merciful guide then great responsibility lies with you for your improvement. He will only hint the right thing. He will show by actions. You will have to be very sincere and follow him minutely. Or else you will act according to your own whims; for you know your Guru will not punish you." - Swami Sivananda

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Once you have answered the questions, and should your main desire be to have a happy, creative and inspiring life with your partner, above all you must want to be a good student of life and learn from you own inner teaching - write to Sri Devanayagi

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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