Ardh-Narishwar/ Shiva and Sakthi as one, like the sun and moon within all of us.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

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Breaking Free

Para-Tan Inner Sakthi Yoga and Breaking Free

If motivation is a stranger and your mood just would not go away, don't give up. Explore ParaTan Sound Healing therapy and you could find yourself going from flat to fantastic. We guarantee the experience of your life time.

ParaTan Sound Healing offer all and easy yet powerful emotional freedom techniques using the frequency of once own vocal overtone to either heal oneself or once love one. ParaTan offers you a remarkable new potential for healing both emotional trauma and physical symptoms. It fosters a vibrant connection between mind, body and spirit, and contributes to peak physical vitality.

As sound and vibration, give birth to form. Our physical body is formed by the vibration of sound, when our sound is disturbed by emotional trauma, then we stop functioning at our peak physical vitality, allowing our body to be sick.

ParaTan Sound allows you to connect with you inner sacred space deep within.
Learn how to use Bija Mantras of the Goddesses, Gods and the planets to heal. Listen to the sounds using your ear phone and see what it does for you.

Yoni Healing and Para-Tan sound healing

Being stuck in a rut is not so bad. It's familiar, comfortable, and pretty undemanding. Trouble is keep telling yourself that and you might start to think that it's all you deserve.

Life isn't something you just have to put with. It is the birth right for all to be happy!

Our Master has helped many people see that they can take personal control, that they need to make the decision to change, and then he has helped them look at the alternatives they have, through the teachings of ParaTan, a very diverse and complete therapy.

Should you feel that you want to become healthier, for instance, rather then deciding to exercise regularly from now on and overhaul your diet, our advice is for you to take a small step that you can take. For instance, stop eating more then four meals a day, then move to the next step.

People can feel unmotivated because they're working too hard and don't have a life outside of work! Tantric Massage can help them get back to what they wanting or need in their life.

Most therapist think that there is a myth about pursuing happiness. They would say that trying to achieve happiness is one of life's struggles, and that it's not a matter of passing or failing. That is a matter of going on the journey and dealing with rapids when they come.

At IFC we say that you can find happiness by taking the following steps

1. Find out you past karma, and how to work with it.
2. balance the male and female within
3. relate to other, thus learning to relate to yourself
4. share love with other by learning to love yourself

Alternative therapeutical herbal formula such as St John's Wort for the blues, withania for general fatigue and stress, valerian for relaxation, do help relief day to day condition, but it is important to look at your lifestyle and diet, and ParaTan therapy can work wonders for your general mood and way of life.

ParaTan improves your coping mechanisms by a huge percentage. Situations that were stressful become manageable and problems become issues that can be dealt with.

Because ParaTan therapy deals with the cause of the problem such as emotional memories and past karma, it helps you find happiness within week of the program.

Marriage counseling is a complicated affair. On the one hand it is the most popular and constructive aspect of our work, on the other, it raises the question of readiness of the couple to leave their ego at home before seeking our help.

In modern trend in unconventional marriages one can have lots of adjustment problems which can be stressful! Most Asian countries especially in India and Sri Lanka astrology is been used to find compatibility between individual, thus promoting harmonious home, an ideal therapy for stress. A stress free home spells stress free life.

Marriages are primarily relationship for sexual compatibility. This takes into account physical, blood circulation, sexual virility and mutual physical attraction as well as commonness of the attitude to sex act. Our program will help all those who seek to improve all aspects of their life especially pertaining to sexual compatibility. We will share with couples seek to find happiness within their marriage, the ParaTan Therapy, a therapy that heals plus gives multiple orgasmic without engaging in sexual activities.

You can change you life by registering in one of our Programs.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during ParaTan sound healing. An Inner Sakthi Yoga practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

The Mahavidya Inner Health Center
21 Jalan Dato Kelana Ma'Amor  (Lake Garden area)
Seremban NS 70200

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Mother Center
Mahavidya Temple
 1/244 Killankulam village,
Periayur Taluk, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu,  India 625703

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.

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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the ParaTan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantrism, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube




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