Ardh-Narishwar/ Shiva and Sakthi as one, like the sun and moon within all of us.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

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Tantra the passage to Tantra the passage to perfection, happiness and love abundanceperfection

happiness and Love abundance

Tantra is the saving wisdom. It is the marvelous boat that takes human's safely across the river to the shores of fearlessness, immortality, freedom and perfection.

All the programs that we offer will allow you to discover your true nature and how to use Tantra to bring harmony and love into your life. It is not difficult to find a lover, but it is always difficult to sustain a long lasting relationship. This is due to the dual nature of human's, as a result sorrow and loneliness has become the way of life to most.

If, you think that you deserve to be happy, read this article, and then decide if you need to participate in one of our program.

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There are may form of Tantra that is available to people to explore, and the one that our Master shares is from the Tradition teaching of Indian Tantra. Tantra has always been regarded as an esoteric and a secret way of spiritual practice, not accessible to the common folk. A seeker who wants to follow this path must outgrow the social and even human outlook of life and develop a more divine outlook in respect of all aspect of his or her life. Tantrika must live a life of non-duality and detachment; for attachment brings out the neediest aspect in all of us, which again creates suspicion and reservation, love at a needy level brings about possessiveness and jealousy. Love has no language, age, creed, color or looks. It is an exchange of energy between the souls, thus the ego should not have any say in the matter. The meeting of two souls is a karmic connection, and not one should manipulate the events, but just flow with the energy, to ensure growth and the fulfillment of ones karma. Most of the real connection happens when one least expect it to happen.

The philosophy of Tantra is based on the concept of dual nature of everything. Nothing is single, but everything is bi-polar. Human's, are a result of the coming together of two forces, Siva and Sakti, and also can be said as the positive and the negative poles.

In the beginning of time there was a universal Uni-Cell, as it were, known as the Brahmanda, which split into two, one the Cosmic Woman and the other the Cosmic Man. The behavior of the two parts of any single organism seems to be a double attitude of the consciousness of duality and unity at the same time.

While the concept of Shiva (Man) and Shakti (Female), in its highest essence, represents the Supreme Cosmic Duality, one can imagine only attraction and love operating there, so that Shiva and Shakti are considered as inseparable facets of a unitary reality some time known as Ardhanareesvara, the Cosmic Androgyne. The same is with human, who are both male and female, the left being the female and the male being the right side of the being.

Humans are the only species who find it hard to live in harmony within the unitary reality, and are caught up with the principle of repulsion, Viz., dislike going with like, hatred going with love, which is the lower level where the Soul cannot tolerate the interference or sometimes even the presence of another such Soul. This subtle operation can be seen manifest in its grosser forms when one family group finds it difficult to appreciate another family group and bestow equal love upon it, one organization, one social group, and even one individual, cannot look upon another such without some suspicion and reservation. All this is so because humans of modern time are living a life of duality and not in harmony with the female and male aspect within when not unified creates confusion. The female aspect which ones love will go with the flow, and the male ego will become the judge and jury, thus creating obstacles to what could be a soul connection. Tantra teachers one to understand one's sexuality, thus getting back from duality to unity

According to Tantra, the sorrow of life is caused by a bi-polar existence, a split of the one into two (female and male), thus it is important for all to strive to become one from within, and one with the world around. The aim of Tantra is allow both the male and female element of one to dance in harmony, thus removing duality in ones life

The dual from of life is in a sense an unnatural way of living for there is always an ambivalent attitude of like and dislike at the same time form within one being. With most humans, love getting suppressed when love gain the upper hand, this is due to the lack of understanding that both these attitudes of like and dislike, are present in an individual, hidden and only one of the aspects comes to the surface as and when the occasion demands. To get back from duality to unity is the process of Tantra Sadhana. While this is the objective of every Sadhana, what is the specialty of Tantra as distinct from other Sadhana, is the way in which the achievement of this objective is approached.

The distinction is very subtle, not easily noticed. In all forms of religious practice, mostly, there is an ascetic injunction towards a rejection of the outer for the sake of the inner, the material for the sake of the spiritual, a cutting off of every desire as a negative obstacle to Sadhana, and considering of every joy in life as an evil to be eradicated at the earliest opportunity.

In Tantra, the things of the world, the material forms of perception, are not really obstacles, and a desire cannot be overcome by rejecting the desire itself. Everything in the world and itself is a passage to perfection.

Tantra holds that outer object in not bondage, because of the fact that the object is inseparably related to the self, the object is the other pole of which the self is the complementary pole. Thus, comes the great dictum of Tantra, that desire can be overcome only by desire, even as only the object can overcome the object. "That by which one falls is also that by which one rises", and in the west sex could be the falling way, yet in Tantra it can be used for spiritual growth.

Tantra Sadhana is considered to be a graduated movement through different ascending stages of understanding and a disentanglement of duality thus creating greater understanding help in disentanglement of the self from the object, by rising to a condition help to transcend the very relation between the self and the object.

The greatest obstacles to spiritual perfection are generally considered to be wealth, power and sex, and it is these that the Tantra intends to harness and overcome by the very means by which an untrained mind may head towards a fall. Every object has a gross form, a subtle form, and a divine form, and every Sadhaka has to pass through all these stages, and none of this stage can be rejected as an obstacle but has to be traversed personally. Tantra Astrology can help to determine which of the stages one is born under.

One can be born as a Deva, which is god like, and yet be born as a Sudra, which is the lowest degree of spiritual or ego development. This will create a conflict in the individual's life, struggling between the desires of being godly and yet engrossed in lower ego activities. Such individual will have to learn to raise the ego or spiritual objectives, by learning to harness and overcoming the lower tendencies with the guidance of a Guru or Spiritual Teacher who has a great understand of all aspect of Tantra.

Tantra and Shakti Worship

The Shakti philosophy is as old or older then the Vedas. The Devi is the principle of creation, the principle of auspiciousness, the principle of cosmic energy and Divine Knowledge.

Tantra Sadhana bestows tremendous Siddhis or power. It should be learnt under a Tantric Guru. The Tantric student must by endow with faith, devotion, and dedication to Guru, humility, courage, cosmic love, truthfulness, non-covetousness, and contentment. Absence of these qualities in the practitioner means a gross abuse of Sakthism. Sakthism has been one of the potent powers fro the spiritual regeneration of the Tantrika. This system is one of the most important of Eastern systems

Those who worship the Divine Goddess, who is God in Mother form, as the supreme power, which creates, sustain and withdraws the Universe, to a Sakta. A true Sakta see all women as the form of the Divine Mother, and worships her as the same. A Sakta does not worship the temple (human body), but worships the Goddess within. The awareness of the body receives the worship. The best form of the Goddess or God or the Sri Chakra are living Women (Yoni) and Men (Lingam) The Goddess and Gods can be invoked in them and worshiped as a form of external worship. Our Master used this very method to heal Women and Men of all their past pains and trauma.

A Sakta's who have a partner will always begin by worshiping their partner's temple, before learning to internalize their worship of the Goddess. Without attending the first grade, one cannot progress to the University of Life, unless one has done all of it in their previous life, as such they are eligible for the internalization approach..

The workshops that we offer will only be an introduction into Tantra, and how to grow by using the tools offered. It will important for all participants to form a support group, thus practicing all that is offered as a group

The Tantra ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Teacher Training will be most suitable for those who want immediate and profound change, thus find a harmonious life, both from within and the world around. Here you will get full attention of a Tantric Master, and spiritual teachers, who will give personal attention all the way, through you growth.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during ParaTan sound healing. An Inner Sakthi Yoga practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

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